Winner: CFI 2016 Awards Programme - Best Equity Research Mauritius Award

Judges' Report

Capital Markets Brokers: Best Equity Research Mauritius 2016

Solid research makes for solid profits. This deceptively simple tenet forms the basis of Capital Markets Brokers’ Research Division – the preferred wellspring of equity research in Mauritius. CMB analysts have established a reputation for peerless in-depth research, detailing not only the performance of companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, but also providing clear guidance on future business prospects.

A testament to the firm’s resilience and superior performance, Capital Markets Brokers has successfully weathered the local market’s recent turbulence, expertly picking the companies most likely to profit even under adverse conditions. Offering unparalleled customer service and convenience, CMB has managed to expand its client base and keep trust of all stakeholders.

The firm, a member of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius, offers a full suite of brokerage services including execution, sponsoring and capital raising services and has maintained its position as one of the three dominant local brokers. By investing heavily in its equity research division, CMB was able to sustain its leadership and further improve the depth, scope, and quality of its research output. The firm has been recognised as a provider of world class guidance to both local and overseas investors.

Founded 25 years ago with a view to helping develop the Mauritius capital market, CMB has assembled a highly experienced team of traders and analysts. The judging panel is pleased to note that CMB’s has not just managed to recruit the best professionals, but was able to minimise staff turnover, thus adding a degree of stability much appreciated by its clients. The judges commend Capital Markets Brokers on its exemplary approach to equity research and declare the firm winner of the 2016 Best Equity Research Mauritius Award.



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